Wild Film Festival Scotland

Wildlife Film and Photography

Wildlife film and photography require all kinds of skills and expertise. Photographers must also be patient and love the outdoors. Wildlife film and photography is an attractive career for many because it also involves travel to exotic destinations. This incredible interest may seem like a pleasure for the photographer. Still, it also has the potential to inspire and even change a viewers perspective on the world. The joys of taking the right photograph at the right time and seeing the results of incredible animals can leave the audience and the photographer in awe. The world is a better place for people experiencing a passion for wildlife film and photography.

Wildlife and Fashion

30 Sep 2020

Several decades ago, it was fashionable to own a fur coat, or snake leather shoes, etc. Nowadays, the trend is the opposite. Fashion designers avoid controversial materials. Even better, there are brands that also invest in protecting nature. There are only a few of them yet, but the trend has a future.

Wildlife and Decoration

30 Aug 2020

It's a fact; wild animals make excellent decor inspiration. For several centuries, the skins of exotic animals were used for decoration. But nowadays, animals are no longer sacrificed. Instead, there are some sublime photos, prints and sculptures of these wildlife representatives that bring a real touch of chic.

The Wildlife Theme in Online Games

10 Jun 2020

Film and photography are not the only art forms that can bring wildlife closer to us. Across industries, the wildlife theme is prevalent. Whether it’s in books, party decorations, or video games, we humans generally find it entertaining and exciting to encounter the world’s most exotic animals in some kind of artistic form. The wildlife theme also gives online slot providers ample opportunity to immerse their players within visually stunning landscapes. From the Outback to the Amazon, there are plenty of species and habitats featured in the top real-money games around.

Why is Wildlife so popular in gaming?

Humans are mesmerized with the jungle, desert, and anywhere off of the beaten path. While it may be hard ever to see these fantastic creatures in the wild, it’s easy to experience their beauty and wonder on the screen.

According to Psychology Today, the majority of Americans answer that they are “pro-animal” in opinion polls. Animals are so loved that over sixty-five percent of US households have a pet.

Wildlife is a broad genre that attracts an audience from around the globe. Since everyone loves the face of a cute animal, it’s easy for game developers to incorporate this theme and enhance it with visually attractive graphics and sounds. The top software providers produce games with wildlife because it’s a great way to attract a broad player base.

Animal-themed slots can be found at all of the best online casinos, and you will encounter many examples and slot reviews on CasinoHawks.com. These games don’t need much of a storyline to keep players engaged, though they do need enticing visuals. This is another reason why wildlife is such a popular theme in this case; it keeps players engaged without complicating the gameplay.

Best Animal Themed-Slots

Some of the wildlife-themed slots available on top casino sites are highly entertaining, but they’re also highly rewarding. Let’s go over a few of the top video slot titles that feature wild animals and enticing bonuses.

  • Mega Moolah
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Jungle Rumble
  • Northern Sky
  • Lucky Panda
  • Sapphire Tiger

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular wildlife theme slots that gives you the chance to win millions! The African savanna is the perfect backdrop for this slot that’s packed with free spins, scatters, and wilds. The best part is, you can trigger the Jackpot Bonus Game where you can win huge amounts with any spin.

The Galapagos Islands are located in the eastern Pacific Ocean that is known for incredible biodiversity. Whether you’re a biologist or just a nature lover, you’ll love having a slot that brings you to this wild land. Galapagos Islands from Genesis Gaming offers gameplay with entertaining graphics and high payouts.

In the jungle, it’s the strong that survive. The video slot Jungle Rumble captures the wildest imaginations and a ton of fun for players of all levels.

Another excellent tropical-forest themed game is Sapphire Tiger. In this slot, you’re transported to the majestic environments in Asia. This game features big gats, colorful birds, cute frogs, and beautiful butterflies as symbols.

Our list of wildlife-themed slots is far from comprehensive. You can find this theme featured in slots from any of the top game providers in the gaming industry, and we don’t expect the trend to change anytime soon!

The Beauty of the Cairngorms

30 May 2020

For a wildlife photographer looking to add to their portfolio, a trip to the Cairngorms National Park is a must. The chance to see reindeer, red squirrels and mountain hares is an opportunity not to be missed. Capturing intimate photos of endangered species is a magical experience.