25th March 2017 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Scottish filmmaker Lisa Marley’s short documentary Red Sky on the Black Isle reveals how, in 2014, 22 birds of prey were found dead on the Black Isle: the biggest wildlife crime in the United Kingdom to date.  The red kite, recently reintroduced to the area after being persecuted by humans in the past, has once again found itself the victim in an incident that rocked the entire community.

Lisa, from Aberdeenshire, believes that the issues surrounding the case were underreported by the media and deserves further attention. As both a wildlife lover and a filmmaker she says it’s where human and animal stories meet that really fascinates her, and that the community response to this tragedy was inspiring.

Having grown up in Scotland, Lisa has always felt a strong connection to its wildlife and environment. She hopes that by sharing the story of the red kites on the Black Isle others will be inspired to act to protect our native flora and fauna.

The case still remains open, but shortly after the film was made the local MSP announced it would be reviewed as a full time wildlife officer was appointed for the area.

Lisa discovered her love of film while studying her MA in Anthropology and Film Studies at the University of Aberdeen and moved to Bristol to do a postgraduate MA in Documentary Production to focus on wildlife. She is currently working in Bristol as a videographer and is planning a crowdfunded short film on rewilding in the coming year.